How to Update Windows 8.1 OS for Error free Computing?

Update Windows 8.1 OS for Error free Computing

How to Update Windows 8.1 OS for Error free Computing?

Windows 7 operating system used an indication in the lower left side but this worked much in the similar manner as the previous versions of windows. On windows 8.1, “Start” option is not present but in its place, you have a start screen. The start screen functions quite similar to the start menu in previous versions. The major difference is it is its own monitor in the place of a menu in the lower left side. You can get this screen just by clicking windows button or taking your mouse over the lower left corner and hitting on the word “Start” when it comes.

When you are on the start screen, you can reach back to former application you were in by clicking the windows button again. Windows 8.1 OS also provides a simple start menu that offers you quick access to system management applications like control panel. You can arrive at this menu just by pressing windows-x. If you have stuck into any error, you can call at Windows 8.1 Operating System Support Number 1-844-200-0209 for instant help.

Windows 8.1 OS puzzles new users is that this operates two different kinds of applications.  Windows 8.1 applications are much like applications which will make you feel like using a smart phone. These can be downloaded from Microsoft Store if still they are not on your device. The other kind of application what Microsoft reveals “desktop apps” is the previous software that we are used to see for windows PC’s. These can be downloaded and purchased in the same way as software of previous versions and are available in many various stores. And you want to ask any information about this, you can connect with windows 8.1 operating system support services team to get right information instantly.

Windows 8.1 comes with different pre-cancelled applications including Mail, Calendar, Messaging and Images, which are all exciting cute much what you like. Mail can add multiple email accounts into one as well as POP mail accounts which the original discharge of windows 8.1 was unable to do. Photos will organize your photos and form slide shows but this cannot edit them. The music application permits you to purchase and play music even free streaming music, therefore if this is too much difficult for you, Windows Media player is still there are on the desktop application. The people application permits you to amalgamate all your social media into one location. For any clarification, call at Windows 8.1 Operating Systems Technical Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for instant results.

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