How to Fix Microsoft Office Problems with MS Office Diagnostics

How to Fix Microsoft Office Problems with MS Office Diagnostics

Just about when you are working on your presentation on Microsoft Powerpoint or may be preparing an office report on Microsoft Excel and it crashes down, you would be left in the middle of wondering what to do. At this point you can find and troubleshoot the problem using MS Office Diagnostics. Every so often the hitch may not be in the Office suite but in the entrails of the computer itself. It might be triggered by a defective RAM or an issue in the hard disk drive.

MS Diagnostics is a tool found within the Microsoft Office2007 system which is capable of running a number of tests. With the help of these tests you can come to know as to what exactly is the problem with the computer or your MS office and thereafter also get a solution for the same. The MS Diagnostics tool is quite effective in the sense it offers a thorough check up of the entire system with better repair choices. Here are some of the scans run by the diagnostic tool, which provide MS office support:


Setup Diagnostic

Files, documents and archives are scanned for problems normally instigated by viruses besides defective installations. This test can take up to 15 minutes or extra as it drives into the very core of the computer.

Disk Diagnostic

The disk diagnostic test probes the hard disk for possible problems. It goes through the Windows system event log as well as the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) characteristic of your hard disk, if accessible. This scan helps in finding out if the hard disk is bound to crash.

Memory Diagnostic

This probes on the stability of the RAM.

Update Diagnostic

This diagnostic checks the computer and Office Suite for all kinds of updates.  It is vital as official updates clear out the bugs and help in making the system more stable. This test is accessible only if Check for Updates is enabled for the Office suite.

Compatibility Diagnostic

Sometimes you may have different forms of the same Office application installed or conflicting DLL files that might be causing the problems. The compatibility test checks for this and nails the problem factor.

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